San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
In 1859 an American shot an Englishman's pig which kept breaking through a fence and rooting in his potato patch. This incident erupted into the Pig War, an international dispute over whether Great Britain or the United States owned the islands of what is now San Juan County.

From 1860-72 both countries occupied the island - the American Army at American Camp and the Royal Marines at English Camp. The Pig War was conducted in a very civilized manner at conference tables with final arbitration by Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany awarding the island to the United States.

Thus the only casualty of the war was - one pig! And that's the story behind the island's two largest parks, American Camp and English Camp (also called British Camp).

Includes the American Camp and English Camp, plus the Friday Harbor Administrative Offices.

1220 acres - 5 miles of beach - Day Use Only.
Picnic tables, fire pits, privies. Bluffs, lagoon, sand and driftwood.
Interpretive Center at Entrance - Get map here for unique hikes.

Walk the beach, find a tide pool, marvel at the complexity of life in a small hollow of rock, or hike a 3/4 mile trail on the bluffs to the Hudson's Bay Farm site above Grandma's Cove.

Beautiful cove and gravel beach.

Hike the trail up 290' Mt. Finlayson - see American and Canadian mountains on the horizon, seascape below; return on the nature trail above Jakle's Lagoon.

See the formal garden, 1860's guardhouse and the parade ground now Home to Deer, Raccoons, Otters, and lots of birds.
530 acres - 2 miles of shoreline - Day Use Only
Picnic tables, privies.
Boaters - Small dinghy dock - anchor in Garrison Bay
Barracks - Visitor information and slide program - Get map for:
Bell Point - Saunter wooded trail to Bell Point on Westcott Bay. British Cemetery - Visit this grassy knoll with sheltering trees.
Mt. Young Hike up 650' and feel on top of the world
Wade in Griffin Bay on a warm day, picnic, or fly kites or Frisbee in the large grass field.

Pebble beach, woods, trails, snorkeling, diving, views of the Olympic Mountains, whales and Victoria, British Columbia. For phone reservations call (360) 378-1842 (hours vary).
Public Park
Overnight Camping
Picnic tables, Restrooms, Drinking Water
20 campsites (No RV hook-ups)
Boaters - Launch Ramp, First come, first served for any unreserved spaces..


Walk over windswept fields to the Lighthouse. Picnic on the beach or, on a rainy day, in the restored Coast Guard Radio Station.
Day Use Only
Picnic Tables


A favorite park for pet lovers is Eddie and Friends Dog Park, an off-leash dog park where you can safely exercise and socialize your pooch, located on Mullis Street in Friday Harbor, between Browne's Home Center and the San Juan County Fire Station.
The park is open daily from 7:00 a.m. until dusk.
Egg Lake

Day Use Only
Fish and Bird watch
No Facilities
Dock and Launch Ramp on Egg Lake Road
No gas motors

Jackson Beach

Picnic and go wading, Sandy beach, play volleyball, skimboard.
Day Use Only
Boat Launch Ramp

Lime Kiln State Park-AKA Whale Watch Park

Requires State Discovery Pass to park. Hike trail to lookout points - see the displays describing whales, porpoises and dolphins .Walk the high bank trail to Lime Kiln Lighthouse and return on a path under fir, cedar and madrona.

Day Use Only - High rocky banks - no beach
Drinking Water
Picnic Tables

Reuben Tarte Park

Roadside parking - walk down steep trail to a pebble beach.
Day Use Only
No facilities

Sportsman's Lake

Launch ramp on Roche Harbor Road only access to lake 
Fish or bird watch.
Day Use Only
No facilities

Turn Point Park

Launch kayaks/canoes only - carry from the parking area.
Day Use Only
No facilities

Eagle Cove Beach Public Access

Park at trail head off Cattle Pt. Rd. and Eagle Cove Dr.- walk to beach.
Day Use Only
No facilities

Sculpture Park at Roche Harbor Resort

‚ÄčAn exhibit of over 100 sculptures
19 open acres
Available for Wedding and Events
Located next to Roche Harbor Resort